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Frequently asked questions about the CadizTaxi service

Do I have to pay the taxi reservation in advance?

No, the payment of the services provided by our taxis will always be done at the end of each journey to the driver.

How early do I have to make my taxi reservation?

We advise to make the taxi reservation with a minimum of 24 hours in advance, avoiding problems of availability of taxis.

In addition to the transfers from or to the airport of Jerez, Sevilla, Málaga and Gibraltar, can I hire other types of routes?

Yes, for example, taking a tour or other type of tour, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you of the most interesting routes and places you can visit in Cadiz and its province.

How do I know the cost of the taxi ride?

The costs of transfers and routes are detailed, no cost applies, the price applied is according to the rates, depending on whether it is a day, night, holiday or weekend.

What is the maximum number of passengers in the vehicle?

The maximum number of passengers in our taxis is 4 people, if there is a child or baby, they compute as 1 adult square, since the rules of circulation prohibits taking the children sitting on top of an adult.

Where will the taxi leave me at the arrival of the destination?

At the same door of the chosen destination, either hotel, apartment or private villa, as it is a door-to-door service in Cadiz.

Check the destinations of our taxis airport from or to the airport of Jerez, Sevilla, Málaga or Gibraltar or other types of routes.

Is the taxi transfer private?

Yes, the taxi ride is not shared with any other customer except with the companions you decide.

Do I have to pay any additional costs for the child car seat service?

No, this is a totally free extra service included in our services.

Do I have to indicate in number of parts that make up my baggage?

It is advisable to specify it in detail in the baggage section of the booking form of the taxi service.

How do I know the length of the taxi ride?

You can consult it directly with CadizTaxi, in the contact zone, or by calling us to our phones 956 27 28 29.

What is the recommended pick-up time?

From CadizTaxi If you consult us we can recommend times before the expected departure time of your flight we must pick it up. It is usually advisable to be at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled time for your flight, due to the strict security checks of the airports and to add the time of the trip to the airport.

Once the reservation is made

How long can it take to be answered my taxi reservation request?

Only online bookings are made within 24 hours of the time of your taxi reservation. The airport taxi service will not be confirmed until you receive a phone call or a confirmation email from CadizTaxi. If you do not receive response from our taxi service, because the mail can be rejected for reasons beyond our control (spam), do not hesitate to contact CadizTaxi directly at our phones  956 27 28 29.

There is the possibility of last minute booking calling directly to our phones  956 27 28 29, the last minute service depends on the availability of taxis in for that hour.

Can I cancel the taxi reservation once confirmed?

Yes, warning in advance enough. You will not have any type of penalty or cost of taxi service on our part.

TAXI Pickup at the airport

Where should I go once my baggage is collected?

You will have to go to the arrivals meeting point at the airport, where you will find your taxi driver with a sign with your name written on it. If for any reason, you will not find your driver, do not hesitate to contact CadizTaxi at our 956 27 28 29 phones.

In the case of flight delay, we have detailed flight status information. We monitor the flight number through an application connected to the flights information provided by the airport itself. It will only be necessary to notify us, in case of cancellation of flight so that we can have the new flight number assigned and/or change the time of your transfer if this were your case. or notify us of the cancellation of the taxi reservation if you finally could not fly to the airport. In any case, none of these circumstances will entail additional expense.

Return to the airport

Is the pickup punctual?

Our taxis are always punctual at the time and point of collection indicated in our booking form. But there could be a delay outside our will, due to the volume of traffic, detour of work, or a traffic accident.

Is it necessary to confirm the time of collection?

It will not be necessary for the customer to re-confirm the pickup time. Except that the customer would like to modify it after having made the taxi reservation. In that case, you can do so by contacting CadizTaxi at our 956 27 28 29 phones.

If I have not hired the return transfer, can I hire the ride back by taxi?

Yes, provided that it is at least 24 hours in advance, to avoid possible problems of availability in our taxis.

Completed your TAXI ride

I’ve forgotten something in the vehicle. What should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible to be more likely to find it, as it is a service offered to many users.

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Faq July 18, 2018